Choosing Between Blinds and Shades for your Bradenton Property

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If you have been considering installing window treatments on your Bradenton property, you should determine whether you want to install blinds or shades. Because blinds and shades come in a variety of styles, you are bound to choose something that your family loves. Knowing some basics about these two popular window treatments can make your decision even easier.

  • Blinds are typically made of panels or slats. These window treatments can be composed of vinyl, wood, aluminum, or a composite. Blinds can be either horizontal or vertical.
  • Shades, in contrast, are generally made of a softer material like woven wood, vinyl, or fabrics. These window treatments can be retracted by a pull string. Generally, the opacity of the shade will determine how much light comes into your how when they are fully closed.

When you decide to install window treatments on your Bradenton property, you should consult with a professional shutter and blind company. In the local area, the most highly skilled and professional window treatment experts are at World of Blinds and Shutters.

Use the Architectural Details of Your Bradenton Property as a Guide

One of the best ways to decide whether you want to install shades or blinds is to base your choice upon the architectural aspects of your Bradenton residence. If you have bay windows, shutters and blinds are a great combination that can truly embolden the classic look of these areas. The clean lines that blinds provide work amazingly in modern, sophisticated design schemes as well.

Shades on the other hand work amazingly well with softer, more delicate interior design schemes. If you want to complement the look of your home’s interior without a dominating feature, Roman shades are a great option. These shades will work great with tile flooring and hardwood furniture.

Climate Control via Shades and Blinds

In Bradenton, trying to improve the performance of our homes when it comes to the hot summer time is very important. Many people overlook the fact that window treatments can enhance the performance of our comfort systems. There are many great window treatment options that you can choose from to achieve this goal.

As far as shades go, you may want to install UV shades. These window treatments are specifically designed to protect the inside of your home from harmful radiation. If you are truly trying to block out the maximum about of heat and light, then wood blinds and even shutters are a great choice for your Bradenton home.

Privacy and Light Control

The last helpful thing to consider when deciding on your window treatments for your Bradenton property is the rooms in which you plan to install them. In your bedrooms and bathrooms, you need window treatments that will provide the ultimate level of privacy. As such, wood blinds or high opacity shades are great options for these rooms. In the living room and kitchen, you may want to go with window treatments that can let in a little more light even when closed.

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