Types of Hurricane Shutters for Storm Protection in Bradenton

At World of Blinds & Shutters, you can find some of the best shutters in the U.S., all made from quality manufacturers like Hunter Douglas. Among the best options in shutters are the hurricane shutters, especially suited for areas like Bradenton, Florida. Hurricane force winds are a huge problem for many families in the recent years, and depending on where you live, the hurricane shutter styles can be your best friend.

Hurricane protection for your home can make all the difference when storms blow through our area. With high force winds, hail, and rain that can go on and on, protecting our homes is more important than it’s ever been. Hurricane shutters can come in many different styles with the best being the Rolldown or Accordion style hurricane shutter.

Complete Storm Protection with Hurricane Shutters

Not only do quality hurricane shutters protect your home from high winds and storms, they can protect your home from the sun as well. The sun puts off UV rays that can harm your health or fade your furnishings and carpeting. When the sun is in a highly active state, it can put off sun spots that send out more UV rays than are normal. This solar activity can be blocked from entering your home through your windows.

Rolldown Hurricane Shutters

Rolldown shutters are attached to a rolling mechanism at the top of your window frame. They are controlled either manually or are fitted with automated motorized systems. You can even control them remotely if you so choose and want the equipment installed. Rolldown shutters glide along side tracks that are set into the sides of your window frames. They can completely block out light and reduce noise as well because of this.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Instead of being manufactured out of a flat material, the accordion shutters have self-mating vertical slats that fold in upon each other during roll up. They also glide along a side track in your window frames.

The accordion shutter has a center handle and a key lock that can be installed on the interior or exterior or both sides of the shutter. You’ll be able to choose a removable shutter style with the accordion shutter due to the way it’s manufactured, which makes it a great option for areas where you’re covering a doorway or opening.

Many different shutter options can be installed on your home. If you want the best that’s best suited for the Bradenton or St. Petersburg area, choose the rolldown or accordion style hurricane shutters. Your home will be thoroughly protected. Plus, with motorization options, you’ll be able to care for your home even while you’re not there. From thousands of miles away, you’ll have the ability to open or close your shutters if a sudden storm begins to form in the area.

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