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Bradenton Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular forms of window treatments that we offer. That's no surprise when you consider that these shutters are attractive, versatile, and efficient. Our plantation shutters can be custom designed for your home's windows, and our professionals will ensure that they're a perfect fit and a great match.

Plantation shutters can lend a classic and traditional appearance to any room in your home, and they can also work well with modern interior design styles. They're very aesthetically versatile, and we can guarantee that you'll find plantation shutters that are perfect for your home. Plus, since they'll be custom fit to your windows, plantation shutters can increase your home's energy efficiency.

At World of Blinds and Shutters, our Bradenton window treatment experts free in-home consultations during which we'll be able to help you select the perfect plantation shutters or other window treatments for your home. After you've made your decision, we can also provide complimentary measurement and installation services.

Energy Efficient Plantation Shutters

Our plantation shutters will be custom fit to your windows, which will maximize the energy efficiency improvements that they provide to your Bradenton home. These shutters will be able to help you maintain comfortable temperatures in your home, and they'll ensure that you're not overpaying for the energy that's required to do so.

Wood Composite plantation shutters are as much as 70% more energy efficient than wood and 1600% more efficient than aluminum blinds. They're also guaranteed not to distort or fracture, and they can help to repel UV light.

Wood plantation shutters are not quite as energy efficient as Wood Composite shutters, but they can still significantly lower the amount of energy that you consume in your home. They can increase your home's insulation and give you great control over the intake of natural light.

Advantages of Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are our most popular window treatments for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of the benefits that plantation shutters can offer:

  • Plantation shutters are aesthetically versatile. They'll work in any room and with nearly any interior design, and they'll never go out of style.
  • Plantation shutters offer excellent light control. You can open either their top or bottom half, open their panels, or swing the doors open to completely uncover your windows. Each of these options will change the look and feel of your room.
  • Shutters are as sought after as hardwood floors, so they can raise the resale value of your Bradenton home and make it easier to sell.
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